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Cutting Edge Carpentry

has over 12 years of experience in framing new homes. We are committed to quality workmanship, from framing your new home to installing windows doors, stairs, and various back framing needed for other trades to come in and work on your project. You can count on us with all your New Home Builds, Additions, Shops, Renovations, Garages, and window and door installations

New Home Builds



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New Builds

Looking for someone to build your new home? We would like to be a part of this exciting journey with you. We have over 12 years’ experience in framing new homes. We are committed to quality workmanship, from framing your new home to installing windows doors and stairs and various back framing needed for other trades to come in and work on your project.

Special Projects

As a parent do you ever think to yourself, I wish my kids were able to enjoy themselves outside doing something other then sitting in front of screens? While, here are Cutting Edge Carpentry, we can make your wish come true.
Recently we started building Zip-lines that are a ton of fun and keep your children playing and enjoying themselves. The good things is that even parents can spend quality time with the children and create special memories that you’ll look back on for years to come. It’s also a great way to invite family and friends for various occasion and have a good time building quality relationship.

Deck / Porch Restoration

If you have an existing deck, porch or patio and would like to make it look new again, we offer services to restore them. There are great products available that can make your project come back to life again. A little bit of care and maintenance prolongs the life of any project. 


It has been said that “Change is the Law of life” and everyone needs a change once in a while. The process of change can is messy and difficult but the results are life-changing.If you are looking to remodel or just up date your home, we can help. There are several benefits to renovating your home; cut down on energy costs, maintain better living standards, increasing the value of your home, safety concern, more suitable home functionality. What we will do: we look after the framing portion of the project which includes tearing down or making changes to suit your desires. We will also install windows and doors in a timely manner. 

Garage / Shops

Need a garage built? We are here to make that dream come into a reality. A garage is not only a great investment to your property but also on your vehicles, it preserves the life of that vehicle and allows you have a workplace suitable for many other needs. It’s a place where you can work on your hobbies and enjoy extra space that will increase your productivity and you’ll feel more accomplished.


If your family is growing or you have the need for more space, you have two options: build an extension on your existing house, or move. But moving can be a stressful and costly experience. If you like your neighborhood, your property and just need a little more room to enjoy it, why move? Instead, improve.
We are here to help and we would like to bring our experience to adding an addition to your home. We will be committed to faming your new project and we’ll also look after installing your windows and door.


We’ve all experienced those moments where you wish you could just get away, even if only for a short time. A deck, patio, or porch offers you such an escape; you can go outside for a moment, decompress, and then go back inside to tackle whatever issue is stressing you out.

Adding a deck or porch to your home may seem like a daunting task, but here at Cutting Edge Carpentry INC we can take on any project.

Adding a deck or porch to your home has several benefits: Relatively inexpensive compared to others additions to your home, they provide a place for some peace and quiet time, walk out and have your coffee, they provide more space for family and friends and create special memories, they also add value to your home and provide a nice finish touch to your home.